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Northlight Web Site Design Group specializes in creating Web Sites for businesses and organizations.

To be effective all Web Sites should contain the following elements:
They should be visually exciting.

page after page of statistics and facts may work well when deciphering radio signals from Alpha Centauri, but a few well-placed graphics and a classy design will hold the browsing public's interest.

They should be easy to navigate.

when you click on a hyperlink, it should take you where you want to go, not to an endless swamp of more hyperlinks.

They should be informative and entertaining.

along with your brochure, put in your interests; along with your catalog, put in your town.

They should be actively marketed.

we actively market and watch our Web sites constantly to make sure that they are being viewed by the public; we work in conjunction with Submit-it and local Maine guides such as Maine Resource Guide and All of Maine to get your product or service viewed by the maximum number of Internet consumers.

They should be changed every so often.

give people a reason to revisit your Web site, we offer web site maintenance plans to keep your site fresh.

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